Car Rental in Bangladesh

Why Rent A Car and Private Driver in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Since the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, the transport infrastructure has undergone rapid progress. The road network of Bangladesh is now of commendable standards yet much is left to be desired from the local driving culture. Navigating the peculiar driving habits of the Bengali and the sheer density of the population is only possible through the expert hands of a local private driver.

In Bangladesh, you are not just navigating the booming 160 million strong population – you are also navigating crazed trucks, lorries, buses, speedy auto rickshaws weaving in and out of the most impossibly tight spots and the occasional trotting camel. Combine that with serene pedestrians unperturbed by the everyday chaos happening around them on the roads of Bangladesh and you’ve got every single type of user (or animal) profile sharing the same road. As with neighbouring India, the Bengalis have their own unique way of doing things amidst the haphazardness of everyday life. Only a skilled local private driver can help you safely and efficiently navigate to your desired destination.

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is home to an ever-growing population of over 13 million people. With its rapidly booming economic growth and development, it is a city brimming with energy and metropolitan vivacity. If you are here for business, allow us to transport you to your destination with our one-way transfers. If you would like to make the transition between work and play, venture off from the city and map your journey deep into the heart of rural Bangladesh with a trusty local driver.

If you are one for adventure, consider making the 5-hour drive to Chittagong, an emerging commercial centre that is home to the Cox’s Bazar, the tourist town of Bangladesh. The Cox’s Bazar is the longest beach in the world. It is situated along the Bay of Bengal, beside the Indian Ocean. Over 125 kilometres of golden unbroken sand with wavy waters await the traveller that braved the roads to come all this way to this part of the country. Who would have thought surfing in Bangladesh is an adventure waiting to unfold!

The richness of Bengali culture by no means pale in comparison with its much popular sister, India. Both countries share many of the common traits much loved by travellers from all over the world. Allow Car Rental 2 Go to guide you on your journey and let us show you a whole new perspective on this wonderful destination!


About Bangladesh

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a nation that just recently gained independence in 1971. The country was formerly a part of India under British colonial rule but religious divide has prompted the formation of a new nation that reflects the belief of its inhabitants. The semi-landlocked country shares borders with India on the north, east and west by the Bay of Bengal and Myanmar towards the south. With over 700 rivers pulsing through its very heart, Bangladesh is the land of waterways. It is home to one of the largest inland waterway networks in the world.

Similar to India, Bangladesh has equal if not more to offer travellers seeking to explore the exotic land. Immerse yourself in Bengali history by visiting many of the archaeological sites that reflect the country’s past, take in the Muslim heritage by visiting the mosques and religious monuments, or hit the beach and stay in the comforts of the urban town areas if you are one for creature comforts. Bangladesh, with its abundance of nature and wildlife also opens doors for activities such as river cruising, hiking, surfing, and more.

Explore the best kept secret that is Bangladesh before it becomes saturated with tourists – get going with Car Rental 2 Go now!

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