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Want the best of Indonesia? Then you must visit Bali, the Island of Gods. The destination is compact enough for car rental yet diverse enough to satisfy visitors. Bali is the quintessence of Indonesia's diverse terrain all combined in one compact island. The island is easy to explore via self-drive or with a car rental Bali.

As the name implies, Bali is home to a uniquely spiritual culture. Visitors will be fascinated at the sight of Buddhist statues, temples and worship elements that are prevalent in the island.

Visit Kuta Beach for the party stretch, Ubud for lush rice terraces. Head to Uluwatu and see the Sea Temple perched on a cliff at sunset. Pay pilgrimage to the Tanah Lot Temple.

With a wide variety of water activities and a myriad of cultural and historical attractions, Bali has something for every traveler. Get a car rental Bali now or opt for a private driver and start exploring the island.

Car rental Bali is available in Bali City and Jayakarta Hotel, Legian, Kuta.



Bandung – West Java

Bandung is the ideal location to see Indonesia's transition from rural to urban. Once you are out of the vicinity of the green hills, you will find Bandung a sprawling city that emerges right beside the green landscape. Car rental Bandung is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to move seamlessly between the many wonderful destinations in the city.

Bandung has now grown into a university town with great factory outlet shopping. The city boasts an exciting retail scene and cafes that are brought to life in reclaimed Dutch relics. The traffic jam is comparable to even Jakarta so be prepared to equip your car rental Bandung with a trusty driver to weave your way.

Although urbanity is slowly creeping through this otherwise rural town, Bandung makes a good place for quick day getaways to see volcanic peaks, hot springs, tea plantations and more.

Car rental Bandung is available in Bandung Hotel.



Bekasi – West Java

Bekasi is a city in West Java Province. It is a regency not far from Jakarta, the capital city. The capital of Bekasi is Cikarang. This small town is part of the "Jabotabek" region that makes up the greater Jakarta area.


Car rental Bekasi is available in Horison Bekasi Hotel and Ibis Cikarang Hotel.

Cipanas – West Java

Cipanas is the small administrative village of Cipanas District. It is in the northern part of Cianjur Regency of West Java, Indonesia. It is situated in the valley of Mount Gede, 86 kilometres south-east of the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta. The small city only has 150,000 residents, most of which are farmers. Tourists are a rare sight in this tiny town in Cianjur. Perhaps be the first to visit the Gunung Padang Megalithic Site, Southeast Asia’s biggest megalithic site dated at least 52 centuries old. It was built in at least 4 different eras, more ancient than Pyramid and bigger than Borobudur.

Car rental Cipanas is available in Cipanas Hotel.

Jakarta - Java

Jakarta is one of the world’s greatest megacities. Dubbed The Big Durian, a name taken after New York’s Big Apple, Jakarta is set to take your breath away. Literally. The congestion of this city might be enough to deter any traveler away, but there is much reason to stay and put up with the smog emitting from the millions of cars in the city. Jakarta boasts a bustling retail scene and thriving nightlife, a city brimming with life and activity. From the treacherous depths of the slums to the staggering high rises, Jakarta will amaze you wherever you go. Do not be discouraged by the constant gridlock happening Jakarta for it is a city worthwhile of exploration. With a land mass of Singapore, it is almost a country in itself. Take your time to explore with car rental Jakarta to fully take in the amazement in all levels.

Car rental Jakarta is available in Dharmawangsa Hotel (South Jakarta), Mercure Simatupang Hotel (South Jakarta), Jakarta City and Soekarno-Hatta Airport.


Medan – North Sumatra

Medan is the fourth largest Indonesian city after Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. The city is a clash of cultures that resulted in the birth of ethnic flavours that is apparent in the city’s exciting cuisine. The Chinese, Javanese, Toba-Batak, Minangkabau, Mandailing Batak, Karo Batak, Southern Indians, and Northern Indians are just some of the many ethnicities that make the building blocks of this city.

Who needs 24/7 McDonald’s when one is in Medan? From sweet Javanese cuisine, to delicious Batak grilled pork, to hot Padang dishes, savoury Chinese noodles, spicy Indian curry and more, Medan promises to be a burst of kaleidoscopic flavours regardless of which part of the city you go. Quite apparently, Medan’s food tourism is outstanding.

Not a foodie? Then head to Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world. A mere four hours away if you take car rental Medan.

Car rental Medan is available in Medan City.


Makassar City – South Sulawesi

Makassar City, also known as Ujung Padang, is Indonesia’s port city. The city was the traditional capital of the Bugis Kingdom. Many Bugis and Dutch influences permeate throughout the city. As one would expect, seafood is the staple diet of the people – note that Makassar cuisine is highly prized all over Indonesia. It is mandatory that you give it a shot while you’re there.

Car rental Makassar is available in Makassar City.


Purwakarta – West Java

Purwakarta is a regency of West Java. It is also the capital city of the same name. It is a city of rich history intertwined with Dutch colonialism.

Car rental Purwakarta is available in Plaza Purwakarta Hotel.



Surabaya City – East Java

Surabaya is Indonesia’s second largest city, next to Jakarta. Due to the proximity to Jakarta, much of Javanese influences have been entrenched in Surabaya. Much alike its larger counterpart, Surabaya is also pandemonium. A city brimming with businesses that marches on even though the traffic seems standstill. But there is more to the city than traffic congestion – Surabaya is actually the birthplace of Indonesia, the place where battle for independence began. Statues commemorating the City of Heroes are found all over Surabaya. Though Javanese culture is prevalent, the city is home to the most notorious Chinatowns and Arab quarters – an evidence of the city’s multiculturalism.

Car rental Surabaya is available at Surabaya City.

Yogyakarta City - Java

Yogyakarta (pronounced ‘Jogjakarta’ and called Yogya or Jogja for short) is the birthplace of Indonesian traditional arts and cultural heritage. The city boats a grand 18th century royal complex, home to the sultan and also serving as a living cultural museum. Though traditional values are highly regarded, the city is still fiercely independent and much of the metropolitan area is modern as any other city in the world.


Yogyakarta is home to the Borobudur and Prambanan, notably Indonesia’s most important archaelogical sites. Pay pilgrimage to these divine sites with a car rental Yogyakarta now! Car Rental Yogyakarta is available in Yogyakarta City.

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